Angelo Pollak, Foto: Jochen Quast

Interview from July 19th, 2018

Angelo Pollak, Foto: Jochen Quast

Opernstar aus Simmering

Angelo Pollak ist ein international gefragter Tenor, das Singen ist sein Lebensmittelpunkt.
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Angelo Pollak, Foto: Forbes

Opernsänger, 30 Under 30 der Kategorie Kunst

Bereits im Alter von sechs Jahren startete Angelo Pollak seine Musikkarriere – mit einem Hochbegabtenstipendium an der Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Wien (damals noch mit den Instrumenten Klavier und Violoncello)….
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Der Mann der vielen Talente

„Angelo Pollak singt betörend schön, spielt meisterhaft Cello und Klavier.
Er hat viel Energie. Damit zähmt er auch Dämonen.“

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„…eine tolle Zauberflöte…ließen es die Sänger an Wohlklang und Ausdruck nicht fehlen…Angelo Pollak als Tamino bot lyrische („Bildnis“) bis kraftvolle Tenor-Qualitäten…“[Augsburger Allgemeine/Die Zauberflöte]

„Magic Moment in Opera – Great vocal and acting qualities, Angelo Pollak as Don Ottavio“[Onetz/Don Giovanni]

„…the young Heidegger a lyric tenor (the robust Angelo Pollak) … Ms. Milch-Sheriff replaces the rakish tenor with a Mephistophelean…“[The New York Times/Die Banalität der Liebe]

„His highly musical language is literally a siren song at the sound of a mandolin, which Angelo Pollak sings with such beautiful tiber and enamel that one immediately understands the devotion of the maidenly-sounding Anna Pisareva.“ – [Opernwelt/Die Banalität der Liebe]

„…astonishing Angelo Pollak: The lyrical tenor comes straight from the university and sings like from long forgotten times. The performance haunts a „Martha“ record with Anneliese Rothenberger – Pollak could have been a part of it…“ – [Süddeutsche Zeitung/Martha]

„Angelo Pollak certainly had a reason to throw out a desperate „Martha, Martha, you disappear“, which the promising young ensemble member managed with considerable verve.“ [Mittelbayerische Zeitung/Martha]

„I heard Angelo Pollak and his sister pianist Fiona Pollak a few years ago during a „Masterclass“ in Schwarzenberg. He was still a young singer with many radiant tenor tones. He is still young, with a great homogeneous tenor voice. In the meantime, there is real depth in his interpretation …“ – [Schwarzenberger Zeitung]

„The performance also has a splendid Lyonel debutante: Angelo Pollak, previously more on tour as a lied singer, now with his first ensemble experiences in Regensburg, has a stable, yet lyrical tenor voice with perfect height. Also sings with the best text intelligibility trained on art songs and plays the dumb Robot-Lover in flood pants and bobble hat (marvelous costumes by Janina Ammon, a fast changing stage by Nikolaus Webern): He gets most of the Bravi at the final applause of the B premiere at the Theater am Bismarckplatz. “ – [Bayrische Staatszeitung]

„….The first concert I attended featured a brother and sister – the tenor Angelo Pollak and the pianist Fiona Pollak. The two partners performed Schuman’s celebrated „Dichterliebe“ with delicacy and sensitivity, that revealed a whole world of thoughts and feelings hidden between Schuman’s notes and the words from Heinrich Heine’s „Book of Songs“. Angelo has a natural and effortless intelligence in his singing, and Fiona revealed herself to be a faithful companion….“ [Yedioth Ahronoth]